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Kansai Telecasting Corporation's drama series have continued to excite, thrill and entertain our viewers with big hits such as "GTO", "He Who Cannot Marry" and "Unfair". Kansai TV also produces highly acclaimed artistic TV films. "Lessons", a touching TV film about two girls growing up without the love of their mothers, received the Grand Prize, National Arts Festival, and Best of Festival, US International Film & Video Festival, and "Autumn at the Poplar House" a beautiful story about life after loss, received the Gold Camera, US International Film & Video Festival and the Silver Plaque, 2013 Chicago International Film Festival Television Awards.

  • Drama Series
    School Counselor


    Airs: Tuesday 9F00pm
    Cast: Mao Inoue, Mitsuhiro Oikawa, Asuka Kudo, Yukie Nakama

    Hinata Aizawa, a high school counselor, tries to find the truth behind a studentfs sudden and mysterious death. The day before he died, the boy had confessed his love for Hinata. What drove him to his death? As the search for reasons unfolds, the mystery behind the boyfs deep and dark suffering deepenscWas there bullying at school? What about his gtoxich mother or his other disturbing relationships? Through her struggles can Hinata find what really matters in life, and can she find the right formula for child-parent relations?

  • Drama Series
    Fugitive Boys


    Cast: Masataka Kubota, Mei Nagano, Mackenyu Arata, Asami Mizukawa, Shohei Miura, Arata Furuta

    To get revenge on the high school gangsters who beat up their friend, four youths play a prank on the school next door. But the scheme goes horribly wrong and the school ends up being blown up and swallowed in a sea of flames. The youths suddenly become suspects of a terrible crimeIThey each decide to run away from this reality. But they are hounded by the police and teachers, threatened by high school bullies and torn apart from their friends and the ones they love. And all the time, they are haunted with guilt. The fugitive boys go on a non-stop journey of twists and turns to atonement.

  • Drama Series
    CRISIS -Special Security Squad-


    Cast: Shun Oguri, Hidetoshi Nishijima
    Concept and Script: Kazuki Kaneshiro

    Two amazing men take on unbelievable terror forces that shake the nationI Shun Oguri and Hidetoshi Nishijima, two of Japan's best leading actors, co-star for the first time in a commercial drama series. As members of the highly trained Special Security Squad, they tackle seemingly impossible missions to save the nationITerrorists, politicians, cults, military spiesctheir enemies are greater threats than can be imagined. Master storyteller Kazuki Kaneshiro keeps the audience on the edge with non-stop action and twists and turns.

  • Drama Series


    Cast: Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, Naohito Fujiki, Kiko Mizuhara EMizuki Yamamoto
    Ken Yasuda, Masachika Ichimura

    Tsuyoshi Kusanagi stars as Koichi, a ruthless con man in this gripping drama of fierce revenge!
    When only 9 years old, Koichi's mother and brother were murdered, and his father was killed and framed as the culprit. Koichi saw the real murderer and tried to tell the authorities, but no one believed him and he was labeled a liar.
    30 years on, Koichi has become a professional liar. He moves to Thailand with a false name and profile and meets the murderer he saw as a child. Bent on revenge, he returns to Japan to find the truth about his family's death, and starts his deadly plan to expose and erase the real murderer. However a cutthroat battle with a huge force unfoldscwill he be able to get his vengeance?

  • Drama Series
    Medical Team Lady da Vincifs Diagnosis


    Cast: Yo Yoshida, Saki Aibu, Riho Yoshioka, Katsunori Takahashi, Ran Ito

    An exciting new medical mystery drama from the creators of gTeam Batista!h This special medical team is the final hope for otherwise gincurableh patients. Yo Yoshida stars as Shiho Tachibana, who leads the diagnostic analysis team as they fight to cure patients with mysterious symptoms. How can they find the clues to save their patients?

  • Drama Series
    Atypical crime investigator, Hinako Todo


    Cast: Haru, You Yokoyama, Jun Kaname, Mieko Harada, Atsuro Watabe

    Mystery leads to further mysteries in this summer's chilling crime suspense! Haru stars as Hinako Todo, a freshman detective with an incredible memory and unstoppable curiosity. She carries a can of seven spices with the words g Go, Hinako, go!h written by her late mother, and has a strange habit of sprinkling it on everything. Even at gruesome crime scenes, she is strong-hearted and determined. Her motivationF to find the fine line that separates normal people from murderers. As she tackles bizarre and horrific crimes with her team, she finds her destiny begins to changec

  • Drama Series
    My Dangerous Wife


    Cast: Hideaki Ito, Yoshino Kimura, Saki Aibu

    Successful cafe owner Kohei Mochizuki and his wealthy wife, Maria seem like the perfect couple. But in reality, their marriage has disintegrated: Kohei senses that Maria is concealing her real feelings, and is stifled by her possessiveness. Together with his mistress, he schemes to murder her. However, on the day of their plan, Maria is kidnapped and the culprit demands a huge ransom. As this psychological thriller unfolds, Kohei becomes trapped in a web of mystery, and the terrifying reality of Maria gradually comes to lightc

  • Drama Series
    Let Me Call You Father-in-Law


    Cast: Kenichi Endo, Atsuro Watabe, Misako Renbutsu

    What if your daughter's boyfriend was the same age as you!?
    Tamotsu Daidoji, age 51 and single, is a manager at a small trading company. An honest and hardworking man, he has been married to his job, with no time to meet other women. Then, destiny leads him to Miran Hanazawa, who is 28 years younger than him but fills his heart with happiness. They fall in love and plan to marry. However, when Miran's father Kiichiro Hanazawa, an elite businessman with the perfect family and also 51 finds out that his prospective son in- law is the same age as him, he is absolutely furious! So starts the fierce but funny battle between the prospective gfather in lawh and gson-in-lawh

  • Drama Series


    Cast: Tori Matsuzaka, Fumino Kimura, Nanao

    Blending suspense, action and romance, gsirenh is a gripping, emotionally charged romantic suspense story that draws the audience into a web of intrigue and danger!
    Based on the popular comic series by Sayaka Yamazaki, the story follows Shinobu Satomi (Tori Matsuzaka) and Yuki Inokuma (Fumino Kimura), detectives in the Mobile Investigation Unit of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. The two are assigned as partners on the job and consider each other as rivals. However, once off the job, they are a couple, but keep their relationship secret. One day, while at the site where a dead body had been found, Shinobu and Yuki encounter a mysterious beautiful woman named Kara Tachibana. Soon, a series of bizarre crimes involving gruesome murders begin to occur, and strangely, Kara always appears at the crime scenes. Gradually, they become entwined in Karafs web of psychotic gamesc.What will happen to Shinobu and Yuki? What is the truth behind the crimes? And what is Karafs real identity?

  • Drama Series


    Cast: AKIRA, Chiaki Kuriyama, Ryuta Sato, Goro Inagaki

    Tatsuya Ikegami, an elite real estate businessman, is plotting to start a huge city project in Sachioshi town. He joins the town's volunteer fire corps under a guise to gain information from the unsuspecting locals. Here he meets unique and passionate volunteer fire fighters led by Sakura Azumi, and professional fire fighters who are prepared to risk their lives for others. As the story unfolds, Ikegami begins to change from a profit monger to a town saving hero!

  • Drama Series
    Fight! Bookstore Girl


    Cast: Mayu Watanabe iAKB48j, Izumi Inamori, Yudai Chiba, Seiichi Tanabe

    Times are tough for the gPegasus Bookstoreh, with the rise of online bookstores and e-books. As is that's not enough, Riko and Aki who work at the store, are constantly battling each other. Riko, in her forties is stoic and takes pride in her work, while Aki, still in her twenties, is freespirited and strong willed.However, both share a love of books and in this fresh, funny drama they fight battles of work, love and life together!

  • Drama Series
    War of Money


    Cast: Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, Yuko Oshima, Fumino Kimura, Atsuro Watabe

    Tomio Shiraishi, an elite stock trader's success story life suddenly crashes down around him, and he loses everything dear to himF his money, job and his fiancee, ending up penniless, debt-ridden and homeless. Vowing to take vengeance on those who tormented his family and himself, he becomes a money lender and starts to claw his way back upcIn this riveting, thrilling drama, Shiraishi will not stop until he has taken back his love, money, his lifeceverything!

  • Drama Series
    Time Taxi


    Cast: Yutaka Takenouchi


    Life is full of choices, and regrets about those choices. Haven't you ever thought " If I could only turn back the clock ! " The "Time Taxi" can do just that! Yutaka Takenouchi stars as Edawakare, the driver of the mysterious vehicle that takes passengers to any point in their past that they wish to return to. For a fee, the passengers have a chance to start their lives overc.Written by talented comedian BAKARHYTHM, each episode features different unique passengers in their search for a meaningful new life.

  • Drama Series
    GTO Great Teacher Onizuka


    Cast: Akira, Manami Higa, Hitomi Kuroki

    “GTO” is back!! In this new series, Eikichi Onizuka a.k.a Great Teacher Onizuka  returns to his alma mater by the sea, Shonan, to teach yet another class of problem prone students! This time he tackles very real problems faced in high schools today- student pregnancy, stalkers, and violent bullying. Here we find out more about the real Onizuka; why he always puts friends first, and why he is so passionate to teach the students the importance of life.

  • Drama Series


    Cast: Ikki Sawamura, Meisa Kuroki, Ryoko Kuninaka, Mugi Kadowaki

    Yukio Mitamura is the president and “dictator” of a hugely successful fashion business. Arrogant and lofty, he puts his company’s profits first and foremost and doesn’t care  how many extra hours his staff put in (without pay!) “Employees are like pens- they are useful only while they work well” he says. His world starts to change when he starts taking a management course at university and meets students and professors with a completely different mindset. Is his company actually a sweatshop!? Are the principles he built his company on out of date? And can he change the way he runs his business?

  • Drama Series


    Cast: Atsushi Ito, Toru Nakamura, Chiaki Kuriyama, Miki Mizuno, Toshiro Yanagiba

    Kohei Taguchi and Keisuke Shiratori return! This time the stage is set in a terminal care hospital, and the mysterious Sakuranomiya family that is in charge of the patients' "death". A radiation doctor disappears carrying with him a certain CT scan image. What did the doctor want to reveal? What was in the CT scan images? And what is the "secret" that the proud Sakuranomiya family, bound by tight loyalty, wants to hide so desperately? The mystery unravels in twists and turns as the medical duo, Taguchi and Shiratori face their final medical battle.


    Cast: Ryo Nishikido, Kana Kurashina, Yuri Chinen (Hey! Say! JUMP), Ryotaro Sugi

    Ryo Nishikido plays Shomei Abeno, an ex gigolo who decides to open a fortune telling shop. He has no spiritual powers at all, but looking very odd in a traditional costume of 1000 years ago, he tricks people into thinking he is a real Onmyoji (fortune teller) His clients' worries are varied and as unique as his character: " My noodle shop is cursed so no customers come anymore- please lift the curse" "My father is acting very strange- I think he has been possessed by a fox spirit". Using his charm and perception, he solves everyone's problems as if by magic! This completely new mystery drama is sure to cast a spell on you!



    Cast: Ryoko Hirosue, Sota Fukushi

    Starring Ryoko Hirosue as a single mother of three boys, in this fantastical tale  Hirosue falls in love with a mysteriously handsome young man who has lost his memory. Sawako (Hirosue) calls him Hoshio (Starman) and convinces him he is her husband, and the five of them start living together. Directed by Yukihiko Tsutsumi, director of “20th Century Boys”, and screenplay by Yoshikazu Okada.



    Cast: Shingo Katori, Anne, Atsuko Maeda, Hiromitsu Kitayama (Kis-My-Ft2),
    Masahiro Takashima, Miki Maya

    A junior high school teacher who has lost his passion for teaching and a ghost who has lost her way to heaven make a strange couple, but together they tackle all kinds of problems at school. Not the average school drama- Ghostly Girl is a heartwarming love comedy that's out of this world!

  • SAKI


    Cast: Yukie Nakama, Shohei Miura, Yuki Uchida, Masanobu Takashima

    A gripping suspense about a dangerously beautiful woman, Saki. Saki is the perfect woman. A pediatrics nurse, she is gentle, kind and loving to her patients. Beautiful, charming and a great cook, she is the ideal woman for men. But all those who have fallen for her, find themselves on the road to devastation. Is there a line between a “saintly” and a “deadly” woman?

  • Going Home


    Cast: Hiroshi Abe, Tomoko Yamaguchi, Aoi Miyazaki, Toshiyuki Nishida

    Director, Scenario: Hirokazu Koreeda, highly acclaimed director of movies "Maborosi" (Winner of the 1995 Golden Osella Award, Venice Film Festival ) and "Nobody Knows"( Best actor, Festival de Cannes 2004). This is the first TV drama series he has written and directed.

    Ryota is a commercials producer who puts work before his family. Suddenly his father falls ill, and as Ryota learns more about his father, strange events happen around him, and his feelings for his family and those around him start to change for the better. Going My Home is a heartwarming, comical drama about love, home and the Japanese family.

  • GTO Great Teacher Onizuka


    Cast: Akira, Miori Takimoto, Hitomi Kuroki

    Based on the hugely popular manga "GTO", this drama series depicts Eikichi Onizuka a.k.a Great Teacher Onizuka, an ex-motorcycle gang leader turned high school teacher, as he teaches his students with passion albeit very unconventional methods! With his motto of putting the students first - he wins over his students and fellow teachers.

  • Becoming a Doctor at Age 37

    Cast: Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, Asami Mizukawa, Mimura, Ken Matsudaira

    Yuta Konno is a medical intern at a renowned hospital. A certain event leads him to give up his job at a major company and enroll into medical school in the hope of saving those most in need of treatment. At last, at 37, he becomes an intern, but his idealistic views on medical care cause friction with his seniors and colleagues.



    Cast: Osamu Mukai, Miori Takimoto, Goro Inagaki

    Eisuke Yamate, a rock band bassist, has to take over his family's French restaurant after his mother's sudden death. He has natural talent as a chef, but his stubbornness and unfriendliness are the cause of endless quarrels. Even in the face of business difficulties and interferences from a rival restaurant, Eisuke and his former bandmates do their best to make the restaurant a success.

  • Non Serial Drama


    Cast: Mitsuki Tanimura, Kanon Tani, Kyoko Enami, Yoko Moriguchi

    A wife who has lost her husband. A child who has lost her father. Both are struggling to come to terms with the heartbreaking pain of loss. What would you tell your loved ones if there was a way to contact them in heaven? How could you keep them living in your heart, and yet be able to overcome the sadness? An unlikely answer comes in the form of the old lady at Poplar House, who offers to deliver letters to the child's father. This heartwarming drama is a fantastical tale that portrays the loving bonds between family and friends.

  • Non Serial Drama


    Cast: An Suzuki, Ayaka Tasaki, Yuki Saito, Ren Osugi

    Relationships have become brittle, even in the most central part of society; our families. This is the story of Marie, a university student who was brought up by her father, and Riko, a young girl she tutors. Riko's mother is an adult child; an adult from a dysfunctional family who is unable to adapt to society. The two girls build a strong friendship, sharing their mutual pain in longing for motherly love. Sensitive, tender and heart-wrenching at times, this story searches for the answer to the meaning of family love in these complex times.




Talk shows, infotainment and comedy!
Kansai Telecasting Corporation continues to create popular variety programs of all genres.
Comedy, talk shows and gourmet shows are given new twists for all the family to enjoy. Talk shows such as "Kaiketsu! Emi Channel", "Marco Polori" and "Janiben" are Kansai favorites with the lively spirit and machine gun talk typical in the Kansai area. Network variety program "Nijiiro Jean" brings a heartwarming and refreshing start to the weekend, and “WHO’S FOOLING YOU !?” is a witty talk program uncovering the “Truth” behind popular rumors. And we host the annual R-1 contest - a fiery competition to decide the best single comedian in Japan!



Airs: Mondays 10:00pm

MC: Terumoto Goto, DAIGO, Minami Tanaka

Do TV celebrities know what the viewers REALLY think about them? Narcissism is blown away to unflattering reality as TV talents, actors, comedians, idols and models are measured up by our audience. Each week, we take surveys from 100 people about the targets with questions such as gWhich of these two celebrities would you like to marry?" "Which of the two do you think is creepier?" The celebrities try to guess the viewers' answers without hurting their own pride. This fun and exciting "TV celebrity image survey entertainment" will keep you guessing and laughing!



Airs: Tuesdays 10:00pm

MC: Hiroiki Ariyoshi, Maasa Takahashi

The world is full of suspicious rumors and dubious "common knowledge" In this new program, Ariyoshi, famous for his sharp wit and tongue, digs deep and uncovers the truth behind these falsehoods! Our investigations reveal previously unknown facts - What really goes on behind freshman sumo wrestlers' inspections? Is the mayor of Nagoya's dialect counterfeit? Are piranhas actually timid fish?? Watch and find out for yourself - don't be fooled!



Airs: Saturdays 8:30am

MC: Tomomitsu Yamaguchi, Garage Sale

Nijiiro Jean brings a fresh start to your Saturday mornings! Popular corners include "Around the Globe- a connoisseur's Travel Guide" where mascot Jean-chan takes you on a tour to the real life and beauty of various worldwide destinations, and "Nijiiro Miracle Change", where mother and daughter in laws, business women and ordinary families are given a beautiful changeover, to the happy surprise of their loved ones!



Airs: Monday to Friday 9:55am to 11:20am

The most popular morning show in the Kansai area, Yoi-Don! zooms in on the colorful townscapes and characters of people in Kansai. The program designates unique individuals as "Living National Treasures", visits factories of traditional favorite foods and reveals eateries recommended by food professionals and celebrities!


Kansai Telecasting Corporation is part of the Fuji News Network (FNN) and in conjunction with the 28 affiliated network stations and 11 overseas bureaus, is a leading company in broadcasting reliable, fast and in-depth news.

Minna no News gNews Runnerh


Monday to Friday 4F47pm to 7F00pm
Main Caster: Shohei Niimi
Casters: Megumi Nakajima, Julia Usuda

Minna no News gNews Runnerh is the Kansai region's freshest news, infotainment and sports program providing up to the minute nationwide and local news, in-depth features and heartwarming stories closing in on the unique people of Kansai. Main caster Shohei Niimi is the youngest MC to lead the evening news in Kansai, and his energy and vitality keep him chasing the latest newsIA lively array of commentators gives multi-dimensional views on the latest current affairs, trends and events.



Since its foundation in 1958, Kansai Telecasting Corporation has produced numerous documentaries on various themes. From 1982 we produced documentaries focusing on our Kansai region, and from 2001, under our Program title “ The Documentary”, we continue to record the lives of those living in “these times”

Recent documentaries

  • 9th July 2017
    Lives of Confinement - The Families of Hansen's Disease Patients Begin to Recount their Stories
  • 29th March 2017
    The Door to our Dreams- Teacher's Assignments are the Key
  • 26th February 2017
    From Son to Father- The Passion of a Third Generation Rakugo Artist
  • 29th January 2017
    Confronting Discrimination ~ Repercussions of the Disabled Facility Massacre
  • 23rd November 2016
    Brothers- Manchuria and the River of Memories
  • 11th September 2016
    Mountain NEETS
  • 31st August 2016
    The River of Nostalgia
  • 29th May 2016
    "Osaka, a City of Happy Children" ?
    8 Years on from Osaka's Education Reform
  • 13th March 2016
    The Reality of Stomach Cancer Screening
  • 14th February 2016
    Seeds of Dreams on Internet Radio
  • 13th December 2015
    Seeking Utamaro - The Printer from Kyoto and Ukiyo-e in Paris
  • 27th November 2015
    War Heroes
  • 24th September 2015
    Living out each Tiny Life in the NICU
  • 19th September 2015
    Empathy as Therapy- Bringing New Hope to Dementia Caregiving
  • 15th August 2015
    War Heroes – Forgotten Soldiers
  • 8th March 2015
    Passing on our Memories- A Father and his Sons' 20 Years from The Great Hanshin Earthquake
  • 17th January 2015
    The Faded Pheonix- Public Restoration Housing 20 Years from the Great Earthquake
  • 22nd November 2014
    Bunraku- Soul of the Art
  • 27th September 2014
    The Songs of War- Their Message to us 70 Years on
  • 7th June2014
    A Lifetime of Learning - the Final Performance of a Bunraku Living National Treasure
  • 22nd March 2014
    Why Young Mothers are Giving Birth without Medical Check-ups
  • 2nd March 2014
    My Husband ~ a 90 Year old Doctor and Radio Personality
  • 26th January 2014
    Finding a Voice for the Unheard- Community social workers and their mission
  • 14th September 2013
    Touch the World- and see more!
  • 11th May 2013
    Time to say Goodbye – Chimpanzees and Researchers and their 14 Years as a "Family"
  • 5th May 2013
    School for Everyone
  • 24th March 2013
    Unable to Reach the Starting Line – the Silenced Voices of Road Accident Victims
  • 19th January 2013
    Crossing the Borderlines – The Challenge of Korea International School
  • 14th October 2012
    On the Long Road Toward the Dream- Bunraku and the Apprentices of Living National Treasures
  • 16th September 2012
    Keeping a Brave Face- Kii-Katsuura Town a Year after the Devastating Typhoon No.12
  • 4th August 2012
    The Sailors’ War – How Commercial Ships were Conscripted to the Second World War
  • 19th May 2012
    The Fate of Bunraku- a World Heritage on the Brink of Extinction
  • 10th March 2012
    A Faraway Homeland- from Minami-Soma to Kobe ~ Following the Year of a Family from Fukushima



¨Award Winning Programmes



Kansai Telecasting Corporation covers and broadcasts sporting events held in and around the Kansai area. In particular we broadcast horse-racing live nationwide through the Fuji TV Network, bringing the excitement of Kansai races to screens throughout Japan.

Kansai TV also covers baseball, golf tournaments, volleyball and soccer matches, rallying on the home teams with live broadcasts. We hold the annual Osaka Women's Marathon, an international marathon where many dramatic races have been run. First held in 1982, this marathon is known for its scenic course that runs through Osaka Castle.

We have extensive experience in producing fascinating sports documentaries closely following major athletes, and also lively sports entertainment programs featuring sports players. Kansai TV continues to support our great sports culture here in the Kansai region!

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