The History of Kansai Television

1958 Commences broadcasting
1964 Commences color casting
1967 “Ninja Akakage” color TV movie begins
1970 Fuji Network ( 27 stations) is established
1978 Kansai Television Foundation for Youth Development is established
1979 Invites former President of the United States, Mr. Ford to Japan
1982 Hosts the first Osaka Women’s Marathon
1992 Constructs “Lemon Studio” in Tokyo
1994 Achieves the triple crown ratings for 10 consecutive years
1995 Shanghai branch opens
1997 Moves headquarters to its present address in Tenma
1999 Holds “Riverdance” Japan Tour in Osaka and Tokyo
2002 Holds “Burn the Floor” Japan Tour in Osaka and Tokyo
2003 Commences digital broadcasting in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya
2008 Holds the "Paris Opera" Japan Tour in Hyogo and Tokyo
2011 Full transfer to digital broadcasting nationwide
2012 Drama “Lessons” wins the Grand Prize, TV Dramas Category, National Arts Festival
2013 Documentary “School for Everyone” wins the Grand Prize, TV Documentaries Category, National Arts Festival