Enriching our lives with a variety of content!

“Enriching our lives with a variety of content!” With this new vision in mind, we at Kansai TV are passionate about providing accurate and useful information to our viewers, as well as creating entertaining programs for viewers not only in the Kansai area, but also in Japan and around the world.We continually aim to create fresh, exciting programs and content to break through conventional norms.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, our lifestyles and values are changing dramatically. Kansai TV is dedicated to adapt to these changes, and with our responsibility as a lifeline media, will continue to provide information to keep our viewers safe, as well as delivering wholesome entertainment and culture to color everyday life. Above all, we embrace new possibilities in producing content in the new Reiwa era and the world after coronavirus. We thank you for your continued warm support for Kansai TV.

Shoichi Hamu
Kansai Television Co. Ltd.

Shoichi Hamu President,Kansai Television Co. Ltd.