Kansai Television has been honored with the following three awards in the JBA (The Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association) Awards 2020. The online award ceremony was held on November 10th.

Media Release


Engineering Category

Best Technology Award
Development of New Chroma Key Technology “Niji-Chro” using Polarizer and Retardation Film

Kansai Television has developed and put into practical use a new Chroma Key technology that does not require a green screen, by installing a filter made by bonding a polarizer with a retardation film in front of the camera lens, and using a polarizer for the backdrop.
As a result, (a) the subject is not covered with unnecessary colors due to reflection from the backdrop, (b) backlight can be applied from behind the backdrop, and (c) The color of the backdrop can be changed easily by simply replacing the small filter on the camera side.
This was realized with a simple mechanism and inexpensive materials, and greatly contributed to the sophistication and efficiency of TV production technology.

Special Commendation Category

Best Broadcasting for Public Interest Award
Re-examining Shaken Baby Syndrome
Broadcast during Jan.31 2018~ Feb.27 2020 in news program “News Runner” and documentaries etc.

Kansai Television has reported comprehensively in news features and documentaries on Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS), a condition where brain damage occurs due to shaking babies vigorously, In Japan when a baby is diagnosed with SBS by a specialist on child abuse, in many cases the parents are arrested and indicted on suspicion of abuse. However, abroad, the current diagnostic criterion for SBS is said to be lacking in medical reason. The director of this program was formally an in house lawyer at Kansai TV. Utilizing his perception based on professional knowledge of the law and vocation as a journalist, he discovered a problematic contradiction between legal justice and medical justice. The judges highly commended this exceptional investigative journalism.

Program Category

Outstanding Cultural Television Program Award
“Damages to Life” ~The Story of a Hansen Disease Patient’s Family~
Broadcast: November 28 2019

Hwang Gwangnam was brought up in an institution, separated from his mother who had Hansen Disease. In 2016, with other family members of patients, he sued the Japanese government citing that “ government policies caused grave damages to Hansen Disease patients’ families” and in 2019 the Kumamoto District Court ruled the government was responsible. This documentary is a culmination of covering patients and families since 2009, and sheds light once more on the pain and suffering caused. The program carefully depicts thought provoking cases of prejudice and discrimination. Due to delays in government aid, the patients and families suffered heavily as they were unable to build meaningful relationships, and this pain is well conveyed in the documentary.