Kansai TV Finalizes Deal for Turkish Format of “My Dangerous Wife”

Media Release


Kansai TV has announced a first time deal with Turkey for the format rights to its TV drama series “My Dangerous Wife.” Produced and broadcasted by Kansai TV in 2016, this psychological suspense was a huge hit series in Japan.

“My Dangerous Wife” is already distributed in many countries around the world including Hong Kong and Taiwan. The president of Turkish production company MF Yapim was so impressed with the drama, he started negotiations for format rights immediately, and half a year later Kansai TV and MF Yapim came to a final agreement. This marks the second country this drama has been sold as a scripted format following China last year.

Turkey is recently putting great focus on production and export of TV content, in particular dramas, and ranks second after the U.S. in global TV drama sales. MF Yapim has already had success in Turkey with Japanese scripted formats such as Nippon TV’s “Mother” and anticipates that “My Dangerous Wife” will be another great success

Program Details

My Dangerous Wife
Original Broadcast
April to June 2016 (Nationwide in Japan)
Hideaki Ito, Yoshino Kimura, Saki Aibu, Ryuta Sato


Kohei Mochizuki can’t bear his stifling marriage and schemes to murder his wife, but he comes home to find she has been kidnapped. All those involved gradually become embroiled in the incident, and the terrifying reality of Kohei’s seemingly proper and virtuous wife comes to light. Kohei, unable to trust anyone and unable to run away, is driven to despair. What is his wife’s real intention?What fate awaits the couple?An outstanding psychological suspense drama of twisted love!

Corporate Administration Department, Kansai Television