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Technical Event gKantele Technical Fair 2015 / 4K Festa 2015h
June 4th at KTV
"4K" TVs are on the rise, with 4K60p TV sets and broadcast equipment gaining attraction at the NAB Show in Las Vegas. Experience the latest 4K technology for a sneak preview of TV of the future! Lectures by specialists and technical / product seminars will be held at Nandemo Arena, KTV on June 4th. Admission is free, Pre-Registration required.
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Check out KTV's new look campaign gOver the TopIh (Mar. 30)
KTV has revamped its Japanese logo and has launched a new campaign “Over the TopI” Check out our trailers featuring artists and people who are way over the topI
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School for Everyone -the Movieh opens Feb.21 (Jan.21th)
Highly acclaimed documentary gSchool for Everyoneh has been transformed into a feature length documentary film. Starting Feb.21st at Eurospace, Shibuya and March 7th at Theatre Seven, Juso, other cities such as Kyoto, Nagoya and Yokohama will follow.