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Check out the trailer for gWe Love Statues of BuddhahiFeb.10j
gWe Love Statues of Buddha ~ What a Wonderful Buddhah is a fun travel series with Jun Miura and Seiko Ito. Check out the funky trailer for our new Kyoto Nara editionI
Documentary awarded in the National Arts Festival 2015
Documentary gWar Heroesh was honored with the Excellence Award in the National Arts Festival 2015. This documentary focuses on the extreme hype and abrupt abandonment of war hero worship in Japan during the Second World War.
Documentary highly commended in JBA AwardsiNov.10j
Documentary gPassing on our Memories- A Father and his Sons' 20 Years from The Great Hanshin Earthquakeh was highly commended in the JBA iJapan Commercial Broadcasters Associationj Awards 2015.
Documentary highly commended in AIB 2015 AwardsiNov.4j
Documentary gBunraku- Soul of the Arth was highly commended in the AIB iAssociation for International Broadcastingj Awards 2015, based in London.