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Documentary highly commended in JBA AwardsiNov.10j
Documentary gPassing on our Memories- A Father and his Sons' 20 Years from The Great Hanshin Earthquakeh was highly commended in the JBA iJapan Commercial Broadcasters Associationj Awards 2015.
Documentary highly commended in AIB 2015 AwardsiNov.4j
Documentary gBunraku- Soul of the Arth was highly commended in the AIB iAssociation for International Broadcastingj Awards 2015, based in London.
Don't miss KTV's new suspense drama series gsirenh starring Tori Matsuzaka. Starts Oct.20thiOct.19j
Based on the popular comic series by Sayaka Yamazaki, KTV's new drama series is a gripping and emotionally charged suspense drama starring Tori Matsuzaka and Fumino Kimura as detectives following a bizarre string of gruesome crimes. Who is the mysterious beauty who always appears at the crime scenes and who is she afterH