Kansai Television Co. Ltd.


Kansai TV's mascot character "Hachiemon"

Name: Hachiemon

August 1995
Born as a mascot character for Kansai TV's corporate campaign "Peechiku-Park Station" ( peechiku- pachiku means "chattering " in Japanese)

May 1996
His name "Hachiemon" is chosen from ideas from the public.

April 1997
Hachiemon is named main character of Kansai TV's new corporate campaign "Kante-le"(from Kansai TV's alias Kantele) and is widely loved by the Kansai-jin.


Is he an egg? Is he a bird? Hachiemon is a curious thing, with a big mouth to talk endlessly, as the Kansai-jin love to do, and with eyes to watch TV. From behind, you can see he has a small crack - this is actually his bottom. Usually just a head, sometimes he grows arms and legs and talks, just like we do! He can metamorphose into all sorts of animals ( rabbits, elephants, giraffes, chameleons, tigers, lions... 43 types in all! ) You can find him on TV commercials, in posters and merchandise- everyone in Kansai knows and loves him!


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