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"Run! Gulliver!"
10 episodes to air from 23rd October 2017!

First run on VTC3 & VTC3 HD:
OA time: 8:15pm ~ 8:45pm (every Monday, starting late October 2017)
Repeat: 10:00am every Saturday.

First run on VOVTV:
OA time: 5:15pm ~ 5:45pm every Tuesday.
Repeat: 5:15pm ~ 5:45pm every Friday.

【Program Overview –Run! Gulliver!】
A special Vietnamese edition based on the legendary Japanese travel program “Run! Gulliver!”, that was broadcast for nine years from April 1996! Two celebrities participate in each episode! At the beginning of the program they play a game to decide who becomes the King (or Queen) of the journey. The winner is pampered on a luxurious journey, staying at the best hotels, eating sumptuous meals, seeing the best tourist attractions- a journey fit for a King! The loser (Gulliver) has a harsh trip ahead of them. The King and Gulliver take different routes heading to the same goal. Can they make it to their goal safely!?




◆Golden Route Part 1 (Asakusa,Tokyo / Ashinoko, Yokohama, Kanagawa/ Numazu, Shizuoka)

TRINH/LE ANH and HOANG/THI THU TRANG arrive at Narita airport!
They take the quiz that determines their fate - The King departs on a journey of luxury, while Gulliver sets off on a penniless trip!

<King's Journey>
After visiting Sensoji temple in Akasaka, the King enjoys a lunch of delicious all you can eat soba.
Then experiences picking fresh strawberries at a strawberry farm!
And is pampered at a beautiful Japanese Ryokan, wearing a yukata and served a sumptuous full course Japanese dinner!

<Gulliver's Journey>
With only a minimum amount of cash, Gulliver's journey starts by taking the local bus to Yokohama.
After making an original Cup Noodle at the Cup Noodle Museum, Gulliver has to hitch-hike to Numazu to save money. Here, the mission is to try out deep-sea fish cuisine.

◆Golden Route Part 2 (Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, Aichi)

<King's Journey>
The King takes a stroll around Kyoto and Nara wearing a beautiful kimono!
After walking through the picturesque areas of Hanami Ko-ji in Kyoto, the King experiences a Tea Ceremony at Jikoin Temple in Nara.
A delightful French full course is served for dinner, at the prestigious Nara Hotel, where the King will spend the night.
The next day the King visits Osaka Castle, enjoys signature Osaka gourmet and awaits Gulliver at the observation deck of Abeno Harukas.

<Gulliver's Journey>
To save money, Gulliver sets off early in the morning on bicycle to LagunaTen Bosch, where a mission together with the staff is awaiting. Then, at the hotel penniless Gulliver has to take on a certain challenge to earn dinner!
Can Gulliver make it to Abeno Harukas, where the King is waiting!?




◆Shoryudo Route part 1 (Niigata / Hida Takayama, Gifu / Toyama)

TRINH/LE ANH and HOANG/THI THU TRANG arrive at Centrair airport!
They take the quiz that determines their fate - The King departs on a journey of luxury, while Gulliver sets off on a penniless trip!

<King's Journey>
The King takes a plane to Niigata.
First the King enjoys a wonderful full course Japanese lunch at Yumeya, followed by a trip to the Tojiro Knife Gallery with exquisite Niigata traditional craftsmanship.
After that is a favorite Japanese pastime, Hanami (cherry blossom viewing) at the famous Yukyuzan Park.
Accommodation is at the elegant Akakura Kanko Hotel, where dinner, onsen and the room are all perfect!

<Gulliver's Journey>
Poor Gulliver has to take the bus to Takayama. Although the mission is to enjoy gourmet Hida beef, the bus transfer doesn't go as planned – can Gulliver make it on time? The next day's mission is to make snowmen- but because it's Gulliver's first time to see snow there is an accident!
Gulliver's foot is hurt – can the mission be accomplished!?And can Gulliver reach the goal !?

◆Shoryudo Route part 2 (Niigata / Kanazawa, Ishikawa / Toyama)

<King's Journey>
At Seki Onsen Ski Resort, the King takes in beautiful snowscapes and has fun in the snow, then enjoys a gold leaf wrapped ice cream at “Hakuichi” a renowned gold leaf craftmaker.
The King experiences gold leaf crafting, then has a magnificent dinner at the finest ryokan “Wakura Onsen Kagaya”.
Next day, fully rejuvenated, the King heads to the goal .

<Gulliver's Journey>
Somehow Gulliver overcomes the problems of the previous day, and takes on a new challenge! “Sing your songs in the middle of town and receive applause from 10 different people!” Will the Japanese audience be able to appreciate songs sung in Vietnamese!? Will Gulliver really make it to the meeting point with the King!?



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