QUIZ GO ROUND 流れきる前に選びとれ!

Entertainment / 2021

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The first co-development project by KANSAI TV and Red Arrow Studios International.
CRAZY CAROUSEL is the comedy gameshow inspired by Japan’s Sushi Go-Round restaurants.
Three teams are served up surprising questions and unique challenges where every possible answer or task is delivered on a giant carousel!
Knowledge, judgement and physical ability are all put to the test: from identifying which world-map is correct or which person is really singing instead of lip-syncing, to simply punching the life out of as many balloons as possible!
The players must react quickly before the carousel’s deliveries disappear out of sight!

But each team has one chance per show to slow down the carousel if there’s a task lined up they’re unsure about.
In the hilarious finale, the carousel serves up real sushi almost like in the restaurants: from ten plates, the team must identify the two pieces that do not contain a particular ingredient.
Our finalists must eat their two pieces, but the problem is, all the wrong choices are packed with super hot wasabi!
Only if the team selects both pieces correctly will they win the big prize!

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Genre gameshow
OA Date 2021/3/19
Episode / Duration 1 episode / 60min
A finalist in the Asia TV Forum’s Format Pitch 2020