Budget Trip in Japan


Entertainment / 2021

  • English Subtitle

Do you think traveling in Japan cost a lot? Actually not that much. There are so many yummy food, tourist activities and quality accommodations that can be enjoyed with reasonable prices. This program will show you the tips of budget trip in Japan!

In this show, these hosts below visit Tokyo, Yokohama, Atami, Kanazawa and Awaji Island.
Fallindebu hassy - one of the top food KOLs of Japan, who eats at 1000 restaurants a year
Hina Kagei - TikToker with 5.7 million followers
Honoka Tsuchiya - 2019 Miss Japan Grand Prix

They show us the best way to enjoy each city. Their budget is JPY50,000 including transportatoin and accommodation. The journey is full of local specialties, tourist attractions and fun activities!

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Genre Travelogue
OA Date 2021
Episode / Duration 9 episodes / 54min
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  • Fallindebu hassy(フォーリンデブはっしー),
    Hina Kagei(景井ひな), Honoka Tsuchiya(土屋炎伽)