When Spring Comes


Drama / 2024


Hitomi lost her mother in a traffic accident when she was two years old and has been living with her father, Masahiko, ever since.
She is recently engaged, and her fiancé is a struggling comedian ten years her senior, with a child from a previous marriage. Fearing opposition to her relationship, she’s kept it a secret from her father. With the wedding date set, she finally reveals her marriage plans to her father, but is shocked to learn that Masahiko has been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer and has only three months left to live.

Reflecting on his life for the first time, Masahiko realizes that raising Hitomi had been his only purpose, and now that she’s independent, his role is finished. Even if it goes against his daughter’s wishes, he plans to forgo treatment and live the rest of his life without regret while checking off his bucket list.

How will the father and daughter choose to spend the remaining time until the “daughter’s wedding” and the “father’s funeral”? When the time of beginnings and endings comes in spring, father and daughter will come to understand each other’s feelings, love, and the true meaning of their own lives.

On March 18, 2024, Masahiko is able to watch his daughter walk down the aisle, and soon after, peacefully passes away.

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Genre Dramedy
OA Date January 15,2024
Episodes / Duration #1:69min, #2-#11:54min
Credits ©Kansai TV


  • Nao(奈緒)
  • Noritake Kinashi(木梨憲武)

Script Writer

  • Yasushi Fukuda(福田靖)