War of Traps


Drama / 2023

  • English Subtitle

Following War of Money (2015) and War of Lie (2017), this is the final chapter in the revenge-themed "War" series!

Parliamentary secretary Toru Washizu has devoted 20 years of his life to Kosuke Inukai, a member of parliament and cabinet minister. Toru works behind the scenes as Inukai's "shadow," deftly handling the petitions of Inukai's supporters and crushing any hint of scandal. Cool and collected, Toru rarely betrays emotion and would humble himself to anyone to get what Inukai needs.

But then a shocking event changes everything. Toru's only son, Taiki, is gravely injured in an accident that leaves him close to death. Toru is stricken with worry and fear for his son, but Inukai orders him to conduct a cover-up. Feeling betrayed, Toru, who once would have done anything for Inukai, begins to question everything.

Toru gets an idea: to set a reminder to the powerful, those who use their power to get whatever they want, no matter how unreasonable. A reminder of just how fragile the power they wield really is.

Using the knowledge, connections and information cultivated during his long career in politics, Toru pursues the truth behind the accident that left his son in critical condition. And for the politicians who have used their influence to cover it up, he concocts a spectacular revenge...

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Genre Suspense
OA Date January 16,2023
Episodes / Duration #1:69min
Credits ©KANSAI TV


  • Tsuyoshi Kusanagi(草彅剛)
  • Haruka Igawa(井川遥)
  • Yosuke Sugino(杉野遥亮)
  • Ittoku Kishibe(岸部一徳)

Script Writer

  • Noriko Goto