War of Lie


Drama / 2017

  • English Subtitle

The case of a family's death was ruled a double murder-suicide by the father, but it was actually an intricate murder plot. The family's 9 year old eldest son Koichi saw the killer's face, and luckily survived. He tried to tell the police about the real killer, but no one believed him. As he insisted that it was true, people started calling him a liar and giving him the cold shoulder. Eventually, he grew up to be just the clever liar that his reputation suggests. He became a con man and made a living abroad. But in the foreign city of Bangkok, he met the man he remembers to be the real killer.



Genre suspense, family
O.A DATE & TIME Jan. 10, 2017 - Mar. 14, 2017
Tuesday: 21:00 - 21:54
(#1: 21:00 - 22:48)
(#2: 21:00 - 22:09)
Episodes / Duration 10 episodes.
#1: 108 min.
#2: 69 min.
#3-10: 54 min.


  • Tsuyoshi Kusanagi (草彅剛)
  • Naohito Fujiki (藤木直人)
  • Kiko Mizuhara (水原希子)

Script Writer

  • Noriko Goto(後藤法子)