The Secrets


Drama / 2020


Everyone has secrets; ex-wives, daughters, and even people like Keita Shirakawa, a devoted single dad living a seemingly straight-forward life. Beginning with the sudden “kidnapping” of his daughter, this drama follows Keita as he digs deeper into her disappearance. Events unfold and Keita finds himself in a web of secrets with the mysterious past of his ex-wife, Yukiko, at its centre. Keita’s destiny is changed and appearances are shattered, transforming the relationships he has with those around him. This suspense-filled drama will keep the audience on the edge of their seats with every shocking revelation.

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Genre Drama
OA Date and Time January 14th~, 2020
Episodes / Duration 1×74min. 9 ×54min. (tentative)
Remake Available


  • Osamu Mukai(向井理)
  • Yukie Nakama(仲間由紀恵)

Script Writer

  • Noriko Goto(後藤法子)