The Last Three Times We'll Meet
-How Many Times Can I Say I Love You?-


Drama / 2020

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  • Remake
  • English Subtitle

“All of a sudden it would appear - the number 3 In the middle of their back. Whether they were lovers, friends, family or even strangers, I knew what it meant when I saw it - It meant I would only meet that person three more times in my life.”
In an era where life is often rushed, this pair of dramas explores the preciousness of the time we spend with those we love. Kaede works for a small production company and has grown tired of men who vanish after a few dates. Mysterious and handsome, Seishiro has never settled and works part time at a restaurant. When Kaede goes there to film an interview, her encounter with Seishiro sparks a heartwarming romance between the pair.

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Genre Romance / SIFI
OA Date 31 March 2020
Episode / Duaration 1 / 114min
Credits ©KANSAI TV


  • Mizuki Yamamoto(山本美月)
  • Gordon Maeda(眞栄田郷敦)

Script Writer

  • Satomi Oshima