The Fugitive Lawyer

Drama / 2010

A lawyer named Narita discovers his mentor, Ninomiya, murdered in his office. He is then falsely accused of being the murderer, even though he pleads his innocence of the crime. He realizes that he's been framed by someone and decides to escape. But Narita has a strong sense of justice, and can't leave people in trouble alone while he's on the run. He ignores the risks, and takes care of people in trouble, using his knowledge of the law to help them.



Genre drama, suspense, human, based on comic
O.A DATE & TIME Jul. 6, 2010 - Sep. 14, 2010
Tuesday: 22:00-22:54
Episodes / Duration 11 episodes
#1: 69min.
#2-11: 54min.
Credit ©Yu Takada, Hideki Go
Shogakukan Inc.
HoriPro Inc.


  • Yusuke KAMIJI(上地 雄輔)
  • Satomi ISHIHARA (石原 さとみ)
  • Akiko YADA (矢田 亜希子)
  • Kazuki KITAMURA (北村 一輝)