Starman -A Love Story

Drama / 2013

  • English Subtitle

Sawako’s husband ran out on her, leaving her to raise their three sons alone. One day, she encounters a dying young man and falls in love at first sight. Taking advantage of his amnesia, Sawako names him “Hoshio” and invites the young man into her home, convincing him that he’s the father of her sons. True love slowly blossoms between Sawako and Hoshio, but he manifests a mysterious power from time to time. What happened in Hoshio’s past? Who is he really?
This series could be considered a basic lighthearted, fun family drama, but it’s one that portrays the joy and sadness that comes with falling in love, feelings with which all women can relate.



Genre romance, comedy, family, human
O.A DATE & TIME Jul.9,2013- Sep.10,2013
Episodes / Duration 10 episodes
#1: 64 min.
#2-10: 54 min.
Credit ©KANSAI TV/ HoriPro Inc.


  • Ryoko HIROSUE(広末 涼子)
  • Sota FUKUSHI(福士 蒼汰)