She Was Pretty


Drama / 2021

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Sosuke comes back from US as a deputy chief editor of the magazine “The Most”.
He must make an instant impact to prevent the magazine from closing down.
He contacts his first love Ai and they promise to meet for the first time for years. Ai was very pretty when she was a child, but now she doesn’t care her appearance and looks like a different person.
When Ai finds Sosuke at a meeting place, she’s shocked to find that he has become a very handsome guy. Ai asks her beautiful room-mate Risa to see him as Ai. Sosuke is very happy to see her, believing she is real Ai.
Ai gets a new job, and surprisingly it’s at editorial department of “The Most”.
There she meets Sosuke, but he doesn’t recognize her and treats her coldly…

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Genre Romance/Comedy
OA Date July 6, 2021
Episodes / Duration #1:69min
Credits ©MBC/CHO SUNGHEE/Kansai TV/Kyodo Television, Ltd.


  • Kento Nakajima(中島健人)
  • Fuka Koshiba(小芝風花)
  • Eiji Akaso(赤楚衛二)
  • Yui Sakuma(佐久間由衣)

Original Drama

「彼女はきれいだった(She was Pretty)」©MBC/CHO SUNGHEE

Script Writer

  • Yukako Shimizu(清水友佳子)
  • Kisa Miura(三浦希紗)