School Police


Drama / 2021

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Tatsuya Fujiwara plays a talented detective who is placed in an unruly public junior high school. He gets to work contending with the many problems it faces and uncovers some more serious ones. While the detective tries to operate in the hard-line way he knows best, he finds himself confronted by a skeptical and fiery teacher, played by award winning actress Yoko Maki.
Each episode forms a self-contained story, featuring tight action sequences created by specialists from the world of Japanese action cinema.

Ryuhei Shimada is an excellent but stubborn detective who has chosen to work at a public junior high school as Japan's first-ever school police officer. He soon discovers that the seemingly-normal institution is teeming with problems that he is determined to solve: cyberbullying, sexual harassment, drug abuse, discrimination — even attempted murder.
As Shimada’s ruthless tough-love methods, learned from years on the streets, throw parents, students, and teachers into a panic, he tenaciously investigates the mystery behind an accident at the school that lead to his own girlfriend’s death.
Will Shimada be able to help the school grow?
Will he uncover the truth behind the accident?
And why did he choose to work at this school, of all places?

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Genre Suspense
OA Date January 12, 2021
Episodes / Duration #1:69min
Credits ©KANSAI TV/K-Factory


  • Tatsuya Fujiwara(藤原竜也)
  • Yoko Maki(真木よう子)