Our Sister's Soulmate


Drama / 2020

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Momoko (Arimura), 27, works at a big home center in the suburb of Tokyo. She lost her parents when she was 18, and decided to work to raise 3 younger brothers on her own instead of going to college.Momoko is appointed by her boss to take charge of the Christmas decoration of the store. It's a big event for the whole store staffs and a big challenge for Momoko. In a meeting about the decoration, Momoko meets Manato(Hayashi). He is humble and hard-working, always smiling. Since Manato is working night shifts, Momoko can meet him only for a very short time, but she falls in love with him. Manato is very kind to Momoko, but it seems to her that there are walls between them.
Actually, Manato has a secret in his past. He was in prison for 2 years for assault. He just tried to protect his exgirlfriend from gangs. But he was arrested and the ex-girlfriend never testified for him. To make matters even worse, while he was in prison his father killed himself. Coming out from the prison, Manato decides to support his lonely mother and always smile, no matter what happens.
There are also some other loves happening around them; One of Momoko's brothers and her best friend, Momoko's boss and Manato's boss, Manato's mother and her employer… Each character has their own secret and problem, yet they struggle to overcome those difficulties and find the real love.

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Genre Romance/Family
O.A DATE Oct-27,2020
Episodes / Duration 9/ #1 69 min,#2-#9 54 min(tentative)


  • Kasumi Arimura(有村架純),Kento Hayashi(林遣都)

Script Writer

  • Yoshikazu OKADA(岡田惠和)