Our Fake Marriage


Drama / 2023

Yae, an unremarkable girl working in a café and living with a friend, finds herself unable to afford rent when her friend suddenly gets married, and she loses her job in the same day!It’s only when her boyfriend dumps her that she finally hits rock bottom.
She’s at her wits’ end when her childhood friend Takumi suddenly reappears into her life. Takumi suggests that Yae take on a part-time job as his “fake wife” for the next six months. He has his reasons for wanting people to think he’s married. Yae has no other choice but to accept his proposal, and in return receives housing and living expenses for playing the role of his “fake wife.”
So begins a “fake marriage” with a time limit. Unbeknownst to Yae, she was Takumi’s first love, even though she thinks of him as nothing more than a childhood friend. Takumi struggles awkwardly but earnestly to win Yae’s heart and find true love. Even though their marriage starts as a sham, will the day come when this couple can become something more?

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Genre Dramedy
OA Date July 11th, 2023
Episodes / Duration #1-#12:30 min
Credits ©Tokina Kiui / KODANSHA / Kansai TV / J Storm


  • Fuma KIKUCHI(菊池風磨)
  • Neru NAGAHAMA(長濱ねる)
  • Shota WATANABE(渡辺翔太)

Based on

  • Based on the comic ウソ婚 by Tokina Kiui / KODANSHA(時名きうい / 講談社)

Script Writer

  • Naomi Hiruta (蛭田直美)