Naked Dining ~Love, Life and Liberation~


Drama / 2023


Everyone has a guilty pleasure. Even – especially – the cool, handsome and popular Sota. He's obsessed with keeping up appearances. With his elite and public-facing government job, he has to be. But his guilty pleasure? To tear off all his clothes and eat food in the nude! Naked dining is the one blissful time of Sota's day when he can let go of the need to be perfect in public that constricts his life.
When his aunt dies suddenly, Sota returns to his hometown for the first time in years to put her possessions in order. He finds foreign spices in his late aunt's house that he's never even heard of before. Just as he gets the urge to concoct a new recipe, he gets an unexpected visitor: a man named Mahiro, who had worked at the greengrocer's. It turns out Mahiro used to deliver cooking ingredients for her when her bad legs kept her stuck at home. He shows Sota how to make a salad to go with the spices, but Sota can't eat around another person.
So as soon as Mahiro leaves, Sota double-checks he's truly gone, then joyfully strips. But just as he takes his first delectable bite of his meal, he opens his eyes to find – Mahiro has come back and is standing right over him! The secret Sota had gone to such lengths to hide has been exposed!
Sota begins to spend his weekends with Mahiro. And Mahiro becomes all he can think about. Is this...could this possibly!
Will there ever come a day when Sota can share his love of naked dining with another human being?

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Genre BL, Comedy
OA Date April 13,2023
Episodes / Duration #1-#12:30 min
Credits ©KANSAI TV


  • Shori Kondo(近藤頌利)
  • Yutaro(ゆうたろう)

Script Writer

  • Tomomi Okubo(大久保ともみ)
  • Ryo Kawasaki(川崎僚)
  • Yoriko Kodama(児玉頼子)