Mythology Soldier Gigazeus

Drama / 2011~2012


Team Zeus are heroes for hire who work for Zeus Inc. After two weeks of on the job training, they are given a special bracelet that allows them to transform into Gigazeus. Eight years ago, Team Zeus succeeded in sealing the evil invader Helzaster. He was supposed to sealed for 500 years, but after only 8 he revived. But each member of the original team who defeated him is now busy doing their own thing, and refuses to come together. Zeus Inc. goes to hire new heroes, but what they get instead are all examples of “kids these days.” Can heroes who work only 3 days a week, and who refuse to fight evil without direct orders from the company? A simple story and a unique setting make this an action drama that all ages can enjoy!



Genre comedy, science fiction
O.A DATE & TIME Apr. 12, 2012 ‒ Jun. 28, 2012
Thursday: 25:00-25:30
Episodes / Duration 12 episodes
#1 - 12: 30min.


  • Wataru KOGA(古賀 亘)
  • Yoshihide SASAKI(佐々木 喜英)
  • Tomoya KONO(河野 朝哉)
  • Yuki HIGASHIDE(東出 有貴)
  • Sora TOKUI(徳井 青空)