My Long Awaited Love Story


Drama / 2016

  • 4K
  • English Subtitle

Riko - a game designer for dating sim games - holds out no hope for real men. Finding them to be spineless saps, she gives free reign to idealistic and delusional romance in the scenarios she writes continuously. Then, she comes across Soichiro, who has good looks, a great career, and great marks across the board, but with one catch – he doesn’t understand women at all. He is the president of a mobile app company called “TIMEIS” and has just asked Riko to make a new dating sim game. And struggling with feelings for his subordinate, he makes one more request of Riko – “Teach me about romance!” Riko accepts thetask in the spur of the moment, but she starts to realize that she may well be hooked on Soichiro.

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Genre romance
O.A DATE & TIME Dec. 20, 2016
Episodes / Duration 1 episode.
108 min.
Credit ©KANSAI TV/ Hakuhodo DY music&pictures Inc.


  • Mikako Tabe (多部未華子)
  • Issei Takahashi (高橋一生)

Script Writer

  • Satomi Oshima(大島里美)