My Dear Exes


Drama / 2021

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  • Chinese Subtitle
  • Thai Subtitle
  • Indonesian Subtitle

Omameda Towako has been married and divorced three times. That’s led to gossip: “See her? She’s had three ex-husbands! I bet she’s got people problems.”
But while Towako and her exes are divorced, they’re certainly not separated. A head waiter, a lawyer, and a photographer, Towako’s three ex-husbands have not gone anywhere.
The three men sometimes collude, sometimes collide. And for better or worse, Towako ends up caught in the middle.
Like when she starts preparing to spend time with a new man. Who tags along? Her three ex-husbands, of course.
"My Dear Exes" is a heartwarming comedy about four kind-hearted souls that invites viewers to think about the meaning of family and the paths we choose in life to make us happy.

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Genre Romance, Dramedy
OA Date April 13, 2021
Episodes / Duration #1:69min
Credits ©Kansai TV


  • Takako Matsu(松たか子)
  • Ryuhei Matsuda(松田龍平)
  • Akihiro Kakuta(角田晃広)
  • Masaki Okada(岡田将生)

Script Writer

  • Yuji Sakamoto(坂元裕二)


  • JBA Awards(The Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association) for Excellent Television Drama
  • ACA(Agency for Cultural Affairs) National Arts Festival 2021 - Excellence Award
  • Tokyo Drama Awards 2021(3 Crown Winner) - Series Drama <Excellent> / Best Screenplay / Theme Song Award
  • Galaxy Award from Association of Broadcast Critics(2 Crown Winner) - Yearly Award(2021) / Monthly Award(June 2021)
  • The Television Drama Academy Awards(5 Crown Winner) - Best Actress / Best Drama Song / Best Screenplay / Best Director / Special Award