Living-Room Matsunaga-san


Drama / 2024

17-year-old Miko’s grandparents used to run a local inn, but since it was decided that her parents would take over the business, she learned her family would have to move.Miko is a kind-hearted girl who loves her friends and doesn’t want to transfer to a new school, because that would break the promise they’d made to graduate together. Her uncle manages a “share house” within commuting distance of her school, and he agrees to let her move in.
There are five other residents at the share house. One of them is the 29-year-old Matsunaga, a perfectionist who is very good at his job. He quit the big design firm he used to work for due to creative differences with his boss and started working as a freelancer. At first glance, he may seem churlish, but deep down he is compassionate and caring. Matsunaga was entrusted by Miko’s mother to be her “guardian,” and didn’t initially consider her as a romantic interest, but as he watched over Miko trying her best to be strong in everything she did, he began to see Miko as a budding woman and developed special feelings for her. Miko too found herself drawn to Matsunaga’s serious and inflexible personality, his occasional smile, and his passion for his work.
Matsunaga is already perplexed by his love for a high school girl 10 years younger than him, but then his ex-girlfriend appears…

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Genre Dramedy
OA Date January 9,2024
Episodes / Duration #1-#12: 24min
Credits ©Keiko Iwashita/ KODANSHA / Kansai TV / Storm Labels


  • Kento Nakajima(中島健人)
  • Hikaru Takahashi(髙橋ひかる)

Script Writer

  • Shigenori Tanabe(田辺茂範)