JUNICHICANNESERIES Official Competition Screening


Drama / 2019

  • HDR
  • 4K
  • English Subtitle

Junichi Ito, 26 years old. A smooth and impulsive guy without an address or a steady job. He can’t help but attract women. Junichi meets women without any close friends, buried under the weight of their daily obligations, and for a while, these women find their spark again. But Junichi cannot seem to stay by one woman, and unexpectedly leaves each. In his wake, he leaves only small ripples. This series delicately paints the temporary romances between drifting Junichi and 6 women between the ages of 16 and 62.

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Genre Romance
OA Date July-12,2019
Episodes / Duration 6 episodes.
#1-6: 40 min.
Credit ©JUNICHI Production Committee


  • Jun Shison(志尊淳)
  • Mina Fujii(藤井美菜)
  • Kaho(夏帆)
  • Nao(奈緒)
  • Noriko Eguchi(江口のりこ)
  • Mieko Harada(原田美枝子)
  • Aju Makita(蒔田彩珠)
  • Marika Ito(伊藤万理華)


  • Hirokazu Kore-eda(是枝裕和)
  • Mitsunobu Kawamura(河村光庸)
  • Eiji Kitahara(北原英治)

Based on the novel by

  • Areno Inoue / Shinchosha(井上荒野 / 新潮社)

Script Writer

  • Mami Sunada(砂田麻美)