Drama / 2014

Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) is an unconventional high school teacher who used to be in a biker gang. He's a childish, dirty-minded, vulgar, selfish roughneck, but at the same time is enthusiastic and thoughtful when it comes to friends. It starts when the director of a certain private high school sees potential in Onizuka and makes him a part-time teacher. However, the class Onizuka is in charge of is notorious for being full of "problem children." Still, by always thinking of his students and sticking to his convictions, Onizuka eventually opens the kids' closed minds.Toru Fujisawa's popular comic was first given a TV drama series in 1998, followed by an animated version in 1999. Now, about 13 years later, a new TV drama series is on the air!

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Genre friends, school, comedy, family, based on comic
O.A DATE & TIME Jul. 8, 2014 - Sep. 16, 2014
Tuesday: 22:00 - 22:54
Episodes / Duration 11 episodes.
#1: 69 min.
#2-11: 54 min.
Credit ©Toru Fujisawa/ KODANSHA LTD./ KANSAI TV


  • Yu Shirota(城田優)
  • Hitomi Kuroki(黒木瞳)

Based on the comic by

  • Toru Fujisawa (Kodansha)(藤沢とおる/ 講談社)

Directed by

  • Ken Iizuka(飯塚健)

Script Writer

  • Junpei Yamaoka(山岡潤平)
  • Ken Iizuka(飯塚健)