Team Batista Series - Glory of Team Batista


Drama / 2008

  • English Subtitle

The Batista Operation is a surgical procedure which is performed on dilated cardiomyopathy (for which cardiac transplantation was used to be the only treatment available) by cutting out the dilated heart and reducing its size. A team of doctors/specialists called the "Team Batista", which was known for their 100% success rate, failed in three procedures consecutively; patients died during the operations.
The "Team Batista" consists of surgeons and specialists of various areas. Taguchi (a doctor of psychosomatic medicine) begins investigating the causes of the patients' deaths with the help of Shiratori who is sent from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
Were they really medical errors? Or murders?

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Genre medical, mystery, based on novel
O.A DATE & TIME Oct. 14, 2008 - Dec. 23, 2008
Tuesday: 22:00-22:54
Episodes / Duration 11 episodes.
#1: 64 min.
#2-11: 54 min.
Credit ©Takeru Kaido/ TAKARAJIMASHA, Inc./ KANSAI TV


  • Atsushi Ito (伊藤淳史)
  • Toru Nakamura (仲村トオル)
  • Tsuyoshi Ito (伊藤剛志)

Based on the novel by

  • Takeru Kaido (Takarajimasha) (海堂尊/宝島社)

Script Writer

  • Noriko Goto(後藤法子)