Ghostly Girl

Drama / 2013

Becoming a Doctor at Age 37

"Akira is a middle school teacher who’s lost his passion. After a certain incident in his past, he resolved to be indifferent and not get involved in students’ personal problems. But apathetic Akira has a special ability: he can see ghosts. When he transfers to a new school, he also moves to a new apartment, but for some reason, a woman named Akane is already living there. She’s a former teacher herself and is naive, nosy, and fired up with enthusiasm. Unfortunately, she’s also a ghost. Can Akira get his own passion back? Can Akane solve the modern problems that plague middle-schoolers? This series tackles serious problems in the modern day school system, but viewers will also be kept engaged by the fantasy set-up and comedic performances. "



Genre comedy
O.A DATE & TIME Apr. 9, 2013 - Jun. 18, 2013
Tuesday: 22:00-22:54
Episodes / Duration 11 episodes
#1: 64min.
#2-11: 54min.


  • Shingo KATORI(香取 慎吾:SMAP)
  • Anne (杏)
  • Atsuko MAEDA (前田 敦子)
  • Hiromitsu KITAYAMA (北山 宏光:Kis-My-Ft2)