Fugitive Boys


Drama / 2017

Four typical young students were living decent lives. One day, their friends were beaten up by a gang from a delinquent high school across from their school, so they tried to get back at them with a prank. However, the day that they put their plan into action, evolved into a terrible, major incident. Before they knew it, the delinquent high school across the way had gone up in flames! Having suddenly become suspects in a bombing incident, they chose to go on the run…And so begins the fugitive drama of these young people, who cannot face reality. They face the pursuit of detectives and teachers, retaliation by gangs, irrepressible desires and internal discord, saying farewell to loved ones… and guilt!

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Genre school, suspense, friends
O.A DATE & TIME July. 18, 2017 - Sep 19, 2017
Tuesday: 21:00 - 21:54
(#1 = 211:00 - 22:09)
Episodes / Duration 10 episodes.
#1: 69 min.
#2-10: 54 min.
Credit ©Muneyuki Kaneshiro, Hikaru Araki/ KODANSHA LTD./ KANSAI TV


  • Masataka Kubota (窪田正孝)
  • Mei nagano (永野芽郁)
  • Mackenyu Arata (新田真剣佑)
  • Arata Furuta (古田新太)

Based on the comic by

  • Muneyuki Kaneshiro &
    Hikaru Araki

Script Writer

  • Yuichi Tokunaga(徳永友一)