エルピス —希望、あるいは災い—

Drama / 2022

  • English Subtitle

Ena’s reporting skills once vaulted her to the anchor chair of prime time news at Taiyo TV. But after burnout and a tabloid scandal, she’s since been relegated to the “career graveyard” of late-night show, Friday Bonbon.

Friday Bonbon’s new director, Takuro Kishimoto, is also down on his luck careerwise. Though born into a life of wealth and privilege, Takuro is not particularly good at his job and faces constant criticism.

But when Takuro learns that a man on death row may have been falsely accused of the serial murder of teenage girls, Ena goes back to doing what she does best: investigative reporting.

After tracking down the evidence and realizing that a witness’s story doesn’t add up, Ena and Takuro discover that the case has links to high places. The Deputy Prime Minister, for one, may know more than he claims.

Takuro turns for help to his old mentor and Taiyo TV's Chief Correspondent in the Japanese Prime Minister's office, Shoichi Saito. On friendly terms with key government officials, Shoichi is an ambitious ex-colleague of Ena’s – and her ex-boyfriend. Can he help? Or will he cause trouble?

Then yet another teenage girl is murdered. Who is the real killer? And why won’t the police investigate?

For Ena and Takuro, the risks to their livelihoods, their finances, and their wellbeing are great. But if they are able to find the truth, to prove that they are not failures, Ena and Takuro may regain their self-worth. Still, as the execution date approaches, the pressure mounts.

When Ena and Takuro open Pandora’s Box, do they find hope – or despair?

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Genre Suspense, Criminal
OA Date October 24, 2022
Episodes / Duration #1:69min
Credits © Kansai TV


  • Masami Nagasawa, Gordon Maeda, Toko Miura, Takashi Okabe, Mariko Tsutsui & Ryohei Suzuki

Script Writer

  • Aya Watanabe


  • Hitoshi One


  • Galaxy Award from Association of Broadcast Critics (2 Crown Winner) – Grand Prize, Galaxy Individual Award (The Outstanding Contribution) received by Masami Nagasawa
  • 49th HBF Prize - Grand Prix for TV Drama