CRISIS 公安機動捜査隊特捜班

Drama / 2017

  • English Subtitle

Based on award-winning writer Kazuki Kaneshiro's story, "CRISIS" focuses on Inami and Tamaru, two members of a secret team of specialists working directly under the jurisdiction of the Security Bureau of the National Police Agency. As the time limit draws closer, the Special Security Squad is depicted struggling through the crisis with a powerful sense of reality, pulling the viewer into the middle of the action for a first-hand experience of action entertainment.
Inami, a former member of the Self-Defense Forces, and Tamaru, a former Foreign Affairs police officer, are two of the five specialists of their own field on the Special Investigations Team, who all carry scars from the past and are all unique in their own way. Of course, one of the highlights is the fierce yet brilliand combat action by Oguri and Nishijima, but this drama also pictures how each of the five team members, in auguish and sandwiched between his or her own sense of justice and the crueless of reality, tackles the incident.

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Genre action, suspense
O.A DATE & TIME 11th April, 2017 / 2th
Episodes / Duration 10 episodes
#1, #10 : 69 min.
#2-9 : 54 min.


  • Shun Oguri (小栗旬)
  • Hidetoshi Nishijima (西島秀俊)

Written by

  • Kazuki Kaneshiro (金城一紀)