Can't Take My Eyes Off Ugly Angel

Drama / 2006

Popular screenwriter Osamu was the object of envy of everyone around him, with money, status, a beautiful girlfriend. Yet something about his life seemed empty. Miyuki was a positive woman who dreamed of being an actress. Though she hadn't beem given a single line in 7 years, she continued studying the art of acting every day. However, she's so ugly that even her parents worry about her future. The two of them met by chance. For Osamu, this was the first time he had ever spent even a few hours with an Uggo. But those few hours would change his fate. Osamu tries to recapture his forgotten past in the shining eyes of an ugly girl, who faces work and love with a pure spirit. Yes, he had fallen in love with the Uggo's eyes.



Genre comedy, romance, based on novel
O.A DATE & TIME Apr. 11, 2006 - Jun. 27, 2006
Tuesday: 22:00-22:54
Episodes / Duration 12 episodes
#1: 69min
#2-11: 54min
#12: 64min.
Credit ©Osamu Suzuki


  • Goro INAGAKI(稲垣吾郎)
  • Tomoko MURAKAMI (村上知子)
  • Yuri EBIHARA (蛯原友里)
  • Haruka IGAWA(井川遥)