Drama / 2021

  • English Subtitle

An underground group of special investigators, Avalanche tracks down criminals who conspire with government officials to break the law. After collecting evidence using tactics that border on the illegal, Avalanche kidnaps wrongdoers and forces them to confess in a court of their own making: social media livestreams, guaranteeing worldwide exposure over the internet.
The goal: social obliteration of the guilty.
Is Avalanche a group of terrorists, or heroes?
Has justice been served? You decide.
The leader of Avalanche is Yamamori. She knows well the tyranny of power, having been forced into a do-nothing job at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police department, relegated from her former role of investigator at the Cabinet Intelligence and Investigation Office for knowing too much.
On Yamamori’s Avalanche team are a former public security agent, an ex-detective well-versed in machinery and explosives, a legendary hacker, and a military veteran highly skilled in shooting and martial arts.
Each of these outcasts has reasons to resent the authorities in power. Each leverages his or her specialty to crack the cases that official channels not only couldn’t solve, but also covered up.
Avalanche’s ultimate goal — Yamamori’s ultimate goal — is to expose the tyrannical corruption of a man named Oyama. Though officially the ruling government’s deputy chief cabinet secretary, in reality he’s the true power broker behind the scenes.
As Yamamori hones in on Oyama’s inner circle, Oyama tries desperately to crush Avalanche. The two sides creep closer and closer together, each trying to take the other out.
Though Avalanche begins in obscurity, each time they take someone down, their message spreads. In the end, who will the public support — the powerful authorities, or the powerless outlaws?
Who will win—Oyama, or Avalanche?
The hunt is on.

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Genre Action,Suspence
OA Date October 18, 2021
Episodes / Duration #1:69min
Credits ©KANSAI TV/Tristone Pictures


  • Go Ayano(綾野剛),Sota Fukushi(福士蒼汰)
  • Yudai Chiba(千葉雄大)
  • Maryjun Takahashi(高橋メアリージュン)