And Then There was One Yuriko


Drama / 2020


Yuriko, an unconventional girl with a conventional name, finds herself in the centre of a web of mysterious events at her new high school. A series of tragic accidents seem to be connected to the strange urban legend that says there can only be one Yuriko at the school. As she starts to dig into the past, Yuriko is confronted with secret societies, conspiracies and shocking deaths which propel her and her new friend, Mizuki, into danger. Can they find the truth behind the legend and unravel its mystery? What is the real power in the name?

The Legend of Ms. Yuriko says:
● Only one Yuriko can exist at this school.
● Misfortune comes to those who defy Ms. Yuriko
● If there are many named Yuriko, natural selection by misfortune, illness, or expulsion will leave only one.
● However, there will be no loss of life.

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Genre Suspense/School
OA Date and Time Mar-20
Episodes / Duration #1-8 : 30min


  • Tina Tamashiro(玉城ティナ)
  • Natsumi Okamoto(岡本夏美)

Based on the novel by

  • Sota Kido

Script Writer

  • Yoshikazu Sugiyama