Tadao Ando: Words for the Next Generation

安藤忠雄 次世代へ告ぐ

Documentary / 2020

  • 4K
  • English Subtitle
  • Chinese Subtitle

Internationally renowned, award winning, visionary, architect Tadao Ando needs little introduction. His unconventional designs shook off old orthodoxies and his iconic buildings can be seen in cities around the world. Shot in breath-taking 4K, this documentary allows Ando to speak directly to the next generation of architects and gives us a captivating close up examination of some of his masterpieces.

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O.A DATE August 1, 2020
Duration 60min
Director Mariko Shibatani


  • Intermedia-globe Gold for Documentaries/Biography, WorldMediaFestivals 2021
  • Nominee, Best of Technology and Innovation, Venice TV Award 2021
  • Official Selection-Feature Length Films, The International Festival of Films on Art 2022
  • Bronze World Medal, Best Direction, New York Festivals 2022
  • Bronze World Medal, Best Camerawork, New York Festivals 2022
  • Bronze World medal, Documentary | The Arts, New York Festivals 2022
  • Finalist, Documentary | Biography /Profiles, New York Festivals 2022