Best Achivement in 8K Production,The Lumiere Award 2023

Documentary /2022

  • 12K
  • HDR

Seeds of the future can be found in everyday life.
We have become intense consumers of time. Trends change in seconds, and we are inundated with all manner of information. Some may say we live in a world of affluence and convenience.
Then again, we may be distancing ourselves from the simple things in life.

Our world abounds with beauty. Flowers of the season, produce fresh from the fields, glorious sunsets, loved ones around us. We are surrounded by special ordinariness.

A potter and his wife who run a small shop in the country understand these timeless values. With loving care, they are sowing the seeds of the future that they have found in their daily lives.

Films not only bring joy to us now, they play a role in preserving the “here and now” for future generations. To record our present times in the best possible quality, the latest technology is essential. That is why we shot this film in 12K (12288 x 6480.) To live on for 100 years to come. “moments” is a message for the future.

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Genre Lifestyle
O.A DATE & TIME October, 2022
Episodes / Duration 1ep/11min


  • NARUMI Yui