CRISIS, which was already a topic after the first Asian World Premiere Screening at MIPTV, made a tremendous start in Japan!

Shun Oguri X Hidetoshi Nishijima

Gritty action entertainment costarring two of Japan's best leading actors!

CRISIS Shun Oguri X Hidetoshi Nishijima

These two amazing men take on incredible terror forces that shake the nation!
Terrorists, politicians, cults, military spies... Their enemies are greater threats than anyone imagined. Non-stop action and twists and turns -can they clear their mission and save our people in time!?

Good and Evil entangle and intertwine - and the crisis draws nearer!
Are they really risking their lives to protect the correct side of justice?

Shun Oguri and Hidetoshi Nishijima co-star for the first time in a commercial drama series!

KTV & Fuji TV Network Tuesday 9 PM April season drama series is action entertainment "CRISIS" starring Shun Oguri. Oguri plays the leading character Akira Inami, a member of the Special Security Squad. And Hidetoshi Nishijima stars as Inami's colleague on the Special Squad, Saburo Tamaru. Oguri and Nishijima, both talented actors and leaders of modern Japanese drama and cinema, have starred in countless hit productions, and will co-star in a commercial drama series for the first time.

Powerful action entertainment by award-winning writer Kazuki Kaneshiro! The nation is under threat from unbelievable dangers!

The concept and script are written by prominent Japanese writer Kazuki Kaneshiro, who received the prestigious Naoki Award for his novel "GO". He has continued to write masterpieces, including the film "Fly, Daddy, Fly", the record-breaking hit "SP" series of dramas and films, and "BORDER", which also starred Oguri. Kaneshiro has been planning this series for five years with Oguri in mind as the leading role.
These episodic stories have been created with Kaneshiro's hallmark of attention to detail and information, and in each story the two take on huge scale missions. The special squad's struggles against crises are depicted with stunning reality . As the time limit draws closer and closer, the viewers will feel the same adrenalin rush and excitement as the members of the special investigation team in this action packed entertainment!

Don't miss Shun Oguri and Hidetoshi Nishijima's incredibly powerful action scenes!

Oguri stars as Inami, an investigator and ex-SDF member. Nishijima plays Tamaru, a serious and stoic investigator. Inami tackles criminals with showy maneuvers, while Tamaru corners criminals with calm and cool calculation. While they are of two totally different types, both have superior combat skills, mental acumen, and sense of justice. Their fierce combat scenes are one of the drama's biggest highlights. Kaneshiro, who practices a martial art called Kali Silat supervised the action scenes himself. Oguri and Nishijima trained under Kaneshiro for a whole year in preparation for this drama. Both are already established action stars, well-trained and with excellent physical abilities, but don't miss their stunning new moves!


Shun Oguri

Shun Oguri

Q. How did you feel when you first heard of this drama plan, and what did you think on reading the script?
I think this is such a large scale project that normally it would be difficult to broadcast on golden time TV, so I am grateful to Kansai TV for dramatizing it. Ever since I first heard of the outline of this plan, I wanted to be a part of it, but I thought that it was too difficult to realize and had almost given up. So I am really thankful to all involved that we have come this far.
Q. What do you think of your character, Inami?
I think he's a man with a deep bitterness inside him.
Q. There are a lot of aggressive action scenes in this drama- how did the filming go?
I can definitely say I'm giving my best performance possible.
Q. How is working with Hidetoshi Nishijima?
We had talked about making a cool action drama together someday, so I'm very happy it has come true.
Q. A message for the audience
This story is fantastic because it has an epic theme, and challenges the boundaries of today's TV dramas. I'm confident it will be an exciting, satisfying drama for everyone. I'm sure you will enjoy it!
Hidetoshi Nishijima

Hidetoshi Nishijima

Q. How did you feel when you first heard of this drama plan, and what did you think on reading the script?
When I first heard of this plan, I thought it would be impossible to actually dramatize it. So it was only at the first meeting with the cast and staff that I thought "Oh, we're really filming this drama!" For Shun Oguri and Kazuki Kaneshiro it has long been in planning. Their passion has helped them overcome difficulties in realizing this drama.
Q. What do you think of your character, Tamaru?
He has conflicting feelings which he hides from those around him, and I think there is a danger that his convictions will clash with his duty someday. Inami and Tamaru are like two sides of a coin- they take totally opposite approaches but they are both feeling inner anguish and pain.
Q. There are a lot of aggressive action scenes in this drama- how did the filming go?
This time I'm strongly motivated to show a different type of action entertainment from what I've previously done in dramas and movies. But because this drama demands such high standards, it takes longer than usual for an OK take, and every day I'm losing my confidence.(laughs) And Shun Oguri's action moves are fantastic. We are really pushing ourselves so I think you'll find the action in this drama a big highlight, too.
Q. How is working with Shun Oguri?
Years ago he said he'd like to do an action drama with me, and of course I agreed, so I'm very glad it has at last come true. He is very motivated as the leader of the cast, and has a great personality, which is why so many people want to work with him.
Q. A message for the audience
The more grueling the filming gets, the better the drama will be, and the staff and cast are committed to give their best in the filming. I think the audience will be able to connect with the special investigation team as they struggle to accomplish all kinds of seemingly impossible tasks. I hope you enjoy it!


[Concept and Script]
Kazuki Kaneshiro "SP"(Fuji TV Network)
[Broadcast Date and time]
Every Tuesday from 9:00 to 9:54 p.m., April 2017 season, KTV & Fuji TV Network
*First Broadcast Date,: TBD
Hiroyuki Sawano "BOSS","IRYU-Team Medical Dragon-"(Fuji TV Network)
Kohta Yamamoto
Kosuke Suzuki
"War of Money"(Kansai Telecasting Corporation)

Keichiro Shiraki
"Atypical crime investigator, Hinako Todo", "SIREN", "War of Money"(Kansai Telecasting Corporation)
[Chief Producer]
Takahiro Kasagi(Kansai Telecasting Corporation)
Takashi Hagihara(Kansai Telecasting Corporation)
[Associate Producer]
Yoshihiro Sakata(Kansai Telecasting Corporation)

Kansai Telecasting Corporation

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